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You might have seen colourful fungus growing on the moist wood or cardboard. Do you know that kind of fungus can also spread on your bed? Yes, you heard it right! The mattress on your bed is vulnerable to mould and mildew. Both mould and mildew require dampness and darkness to grow. Once the mould spores receive favourable factors, they spread everywhere. The fungus can grow at a rapid pace and affect the objects near the bed and also human health. The mildew is generally restricted to the surface but mould reaches the depth of the mattress and infects it badly.

The mattress mould removal Adelaide service is helpful in getting some relief from this problem. You should never make a mistake to implement DIY hacks for mould remediation because a little mistake can make the fungi grow in new places. Also, improper techniques can also cause fungal infections on the body.

How Does the Mattress Mould Looks Like?

If you are able to notice some black tiny dots on the surface of the mattress, it can be an indicator of mildew infestation. This black mould can be hazardous for the respiratory system of humans. While sleeping a person can inhale the moulds spores and get many serious diseases.

When the mould infestation becomes prominent, large fuzzy particles can be found on the mattress. They can spread on all sides of the mattress and can also spread to the ground and box spring. It becomes imperative to book mattress cleaning services when the mould has gone out of hand and cannot be removed through vacuuming and wet cloth.

Different Types of Mattresses and Susceptibility to Mould

Innerspring Mattresses: There are high chances that the fungi develop inside the mattresses that have spring in them. This can happen because of the presence of moisture and darkness. The only way to prevent mould in an innerspring mattress is to allow air circulation in the bed. This is possible by raising the bed at a distance from the floor.

Memory Foam Mattresses: These types of mattresses absorb more liquid and oils. The formation of mould can be quicker in these mattresses because the air circulation is less. If you are able to recognize the occurrence of mould at an initial stage, then you must book mattress professional cleaning for excellent results.

Latex Mattresses: These kinds of mattresses are perfect for people who are fed up with mould infestation. The mould and bacteria-resistant properties in the latex mattresses are amazing. These mattresses also provide good support to the spine.

5 Steps of Mattress Professional Cleaning

The professionals bring their safety gear and equipment to complete the mould removal task with perfection. The following are the 5 steps involved in this process:

1. Inspection

The experts find out the source of mould and the damage it has done to the mattress. After analysing the situation, they proceed ahead with the mould removal process.

2. Vacuuming

All the sides of the mattresses are cleaned in the first step to ensure complete removal of dust, surface mould and other debris.

3. Anti-Fungal Sprays

The professionals use high quality and approved sprays to treat the fungus. Solutions are safe for both mattress fibres and human health. The mattresses can be used after a few hours of mould treatment without any worry.

4. Stain Removal

Fungi impart bad spots all over the mattress and ruin the appearance of the bedroom. Advanced and premium quality stain removal products are used by trustworthy companies for cleaning the stains.

5. Sanitisation and Deodorization

With eco-friendly sanitizers, the professionals disinfect the mattresses. It is made sure that all kinds of bacteria and fungus are destroyed. For odor removal, several non-toxic deodorants are used. At the end of this step, the mattresses look clean and smell fresh.

Some Useful Ways to Prevent Mould

Always wash the bed covers, pillow covers and stuff toys with hot water. The fungal cells will be destroyed with hot water.

Mattress cleaning services should be booked at least once a year.

Keep the mattresses under the sun for a few hours at least once a month.

Air circulation should be proper in the bedroom.

Dehumidifiers can be used to keep the humidity in control.

Always throw the trash collected in the vacuum cleaner at a distance from the house.


The mattress mould cannot be ignored as it can directly affect the health of people who stay near the infected bed. Skin problems and breathing problems are common side effects that can be seen among people who sleep on a mould-infected mattress. Booking the mattress mould removal Adelaide service can be helpful in keeping the environment clean and free from fungus. Don’t forget to follow the preventive measures in daily life to sustain the results received by the expert.

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